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#TBT to when I was an up & coming rapper. #lilcarlo

Casting: Medea

I’m pleased to announce that I will be playing the part of JASON in Theatre Y’s upcoming production of MEDEA, which opens at Theatre Y’s space in Logan Square on May 7th and runs through June 15th, 2014.


WE DID IT! We’ve raised over $7,300 for Chicago Coalition for the Homeless HELLO youth group! They were thrilled to hear the news! Thank you to everyone who donated and shared the cause. You’ve made a big impact with a small act of kindness. Thank you. 

For more information, check out:


So far, so good! We have collectively raised over $5,900 for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless youth group. Our goal is $7,200, which will provide a year of services to a group of homeless teens in Chicago. 

If you are able to donate or share our mission, please do. We will be eternally grateful. Happy Saturday! 

Join the fight here:


I’m posting on behalf on those who can not, I’m speaking up for the over 15,000 homeless youth in Chicago, whether they ran away, foreclosure, kicked out for being LGBT or whatever reason, the point is it can happen to anyone. I believe they deserve at least a warm meal and a sense of community, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless' HELLO youth group provides that and we can help.

Between now and Friday, can you skip a latte, bag a lunch, or raid your cupboard to cook a dinner, and donate $10 to the cause? That’s the message behind the #CHIberiaChallenge. If you are unable to donate, please share this message on Facebook or Twitter, so that someone who might be able to can see this. 

Let’s make 2014 a year of giving and caring for the basic human rights for all. 

Join the fight and pledge your support:


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Hi Chicago, aka residents of #CHIberia,

There are 21,000 homeless people in Chicago and we can do some good for them in this time of below zero temperatures. Consider taking the #CHIberiaChallenge, it’s real simple. Instead of ordering delivery or dining out tomorrow, donate $10, $15,…

Start artistic revolutions. Personal revolutions. Revolutions of the mind, body, & spirit. Do something out side of the norm and be proud of your success and be proud of your failures. Don’t resolve for change, Revolt for change!


Blue Christmas - Elvis Cash, Jr. 

Singing a little Blue Christmas for my mom.